Graanul Invest published the 2021 Sustainability Report

Graanul Invest published its 2021 Sustainability Report. We are proud that despite a difficult year, 2021 was successful for the company, and we were able to improve our most important environmental indicators further.

The year 2021 will remain in the history of Graanul Invest group as one of the most significant: the company’s ownership changed as U.S. strategic investor Apollo Funds acquired 80%. According to financial results, the year was excellent: despite several difficulties, we maintained high efficiency and revenues.

Graanul Invest is, without competition, the world’s most efficient pellet producer with the smallest ecological footprint. Our key assets are the best energy-saving technological solutions and an experienced, dedicated team.

The most important achievements of 2021:

  • The carbon footprint of our production decreased by 6.35%
  • We supported more than 50 events, mainly sports activities and recreational education for young people in rural areas.
  • In 2021, we produced 915 GWh of carbon-neutral thermal energy and 325 GWh of electricity in our CHP-s.
  • We acquired two new ships – resulting in a faster and more flexible supply chain and reduced transport chain CO2 footprint.

Raul Kirjanen, CEO: “Graanul Invest is strong, reliable, and confident in the changing world. Our leading position as a bio-energy producer gives us a unique opportunity to solve global energy-related problems. In 2022, I cannot overlook the changes in the political situation caused by the war in Ukraine. Fossil fuels are dirtier than ever. The role of woody biomass, local biofuels, and energy independence in Europe is more important than ever before. Valuing and supporting bioresources is the only way to immediately end the funding of dictators’ war machines through fossil fuel imports.”

We are a dedicated leader in producing biomass and bioenergy. In November 2021, together with other major bioenergy industry leaders, we signed the Glasgow Sustainable Bioenergy Declaration. We are dedicated to slowing the growth of fossil carbon dioxide emissions and provide unique and comprehensive carbon-neutral and resilient solutions to substitute fossil fuels in energy right now.

The circular economic valorization of sawmill residues allows us to effectively use all biogenic carbon in the biomass to the highest value before emitting it back into the atmosphere. Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly replacement for fossil fuels and a solution for keeping fossil carbon below ground. The greater the synergy between industries, the closer we are to a waste-free economy and a balanced carbon cycle.

The report can be found and downladed here: