We’re ready for the challenge, more than ever

More than ever, we need to take action to meet the climate challenge. More than ever, we need to act against carbon emissions. More than ever the world needs viable solutions.

We are pioneering some of those solutions, striving to be more than we are today, exploring every avenue, finding the advantage and ensuring we continue to drive our technology and the industry, forward.

Whether it’s the relentless push for supply chain efficiency,our digitally enabled plants, our ability to trace 100% of material to its source, our dedication to solving challenges for our customers or our conviction that residual forest is part of the solution. We are committed to finding better ways and more answers.

We’re ready for the challenge, more than ever.

Who we are

Graanul Invest is world leading biomass and bioenergy producer. We believe that our leadership in biomass is key to meeting the global climate challenge.

Graanul Invest Group has been developing the bioenergy field for over 20 years and lead the industry with some of the most advanced process and technologies.

Graanul Invest is an international group with 12 modern pellets plants in the Baltics and US and six combined heat-and power plants in Estonia and Latvia. The Group employs 500 people.

Graanul Invest is the most reliable biomass and bioenergy producer and supplier in the world.

Our mission

We exist to accelerate the science and perception of biomass.

Our vision

To globally develop the usage of renewable energy.

Graanul Invest Group´s business areas

Biomass production & supply

We produce high quality industrial and premium pellets.

4 pellet plants in Estonia
6 pellet plants in Latvia
1 pellet plant in Lithuania
1 pellet plant in the US


Bioenergy production & usage

Our heat and power plants provide sustainable electricity and heat for our pellet factories and support the local electricity network with green energy.

3 combined head and electricity plants in Estonia
3 combined head and electricity plants in Latvia


Graanul Invest operates under different brands in local markets.

Latgran is our subsidiary brand that is known in Latvian market.
Woodville Pellets is our subsidiary brand in US market.
Pellet.ee is an online site dedicated for Estonian market pellet sales.
Graanul.lv is an online site dedicated for Latvian market pellet sales.
Granules24.lt is an online site dedicated for Lithuanian market pellet sales.

Our values are...

We believe in acting today, and every day
We believe in our people and value highly their expertise
We believe in the relentless pursuit of efficiency and learning
We value trust and transparency
We guarantee high quality and thrive for innovation

Our history

25th November 2003 Graanul Invest was established
We started building our first pellet factories in Imavere, Estonia and Alytus, Lithuania
Our first pellet sale was shipped from the port in Pärnu  
We started our business in Latvia by completing our first Latvian pellet factory
We started our forestry business to forestry company Valga Puu
We stepped into the energy business by building our first heat and energy plant in Launkalne
We sold our first electricity  
We expanded our forestry business to companies Roger Puit and Karo Mets
We started developing energy projects in Europe
We started developing a biomaterials business field
We received significant EU funding for the SWEETWOODS project to build a wood fractionation flagship plant
we entered the US market by buying a pellet plant and port terminal in Woodville, Texas
We calculated our Group´s footprint and are now carbon negative
Graanul Invest Group is separated into three separate entities – Graanul Invest, Graanul Technology and Graanul Assets. Graanul Technology is dedicated to biomaterials development; Graanul Assets is a holding company for forestry businesses. Apollo acquired 80% stake of Graanul Invest.
We expanded our fleet of wood pellet carriers to 4 vessels.