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Our Head Office general contacts:

+372 669 9870
AS Graanul Invest
Humala str. 2, 10617 Tallinn, ESTONIA
Reg. No. 10990825

Management Board

Nicholas Dottino
Nicholas Dottino
Chairman of the board | CEO
Jaano Haidla
Board member | CoO
Rain Silivask
Board member | CFO
Mihkel Jugaste
Mihkel Jugaste
Board member | CSO

Head office contacts

Joanna Pisarkova
Assistant - Board
Mark McConnell
Director of Sales
Maida Insler
Sales Manager - Premium Pellets
Margus Floren
Baltics Sales Coordinator
Polina Kristovald
Sales support, Premium pellets
Ruth Altvälja
HR Specialist
Raimo Oinus
Marketing Specialist
Kristi Cardenas
Head of Client Fulfillment
Helis Viirlaid
Logistics Operator
Kristina Riis
Group Chief Accountant
Agnes Kokk
Chief Accountant
Katrin Adamberg
Chief Accountant
Martin Saks
Head of Energy Sector
Imre Drovtar
Manager of Electrical Power Systems
Vaiko Kikkatalo
Technical Manager of Cogeneration Plants
Urmo Ariva
Technical Manager
Erko Hermann
Technology Procurement Manager
Anti Samsonov
Lead engineer
Alar Luik
Maintenance Director
Joonas Jäme
Lead Automation Engineer
Priidik Pung
Head of IT Systems
Kert Kruusimägi
Raw Material Purchasing and Production Manager
Kaido Saar
Energywood Specialist
Renato Okspuu
Work Environment Specialist
Roland Kraavi
Environmental Specialist
Kristel Pern
Sustainable Sourcing Specialist
Triin Raspel
ESG Specialist
Elena Galagan
Investor Relations Specialist
Siim Viigand

Our factories

Open positions

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