Graanul Invest loaded its largest wood pellet shipment from the US

Graanul Invest Woodville Pellet plant proudly celebrates an important milestone in logistics efficiency. A few days before Christmas, they started loading MS Nemea with 50,042 tons of wood pellets in their logistics hub in Port Arthur. The cargo will head across the Atlantic to the UK.

“We are proud to set a new milestone in loading capacity and fuel efficiency. It is equally important for our customers and us to achieve the minimal possible fossil carbon footprint for our wood pellets. With larger shipments, we can raise the fuel efficiency per tonne of shipped pellets remarkably,” commented Jason Ansley, Vice President of Graanul Invest US operations. “I would like to thank our partner Drax for being flexible as the shift from handy size vessels to supra size required some preparations and was not without its challenges. Larger shipments are a crucial milestone for us towards improving the best-of-the-class logistics efficiency even further. Graanul Invest’s mission is to be the most reliable provider of sustainable biofuel, and we are well prepared to fulfill all the contracted shipments to our customers despite hectic times in energy markets.”

50 000 tonnes of wood pellets compares to 243,000 MWh renewable primary energy. The MS Nemea is 199.9 m long and 32.4 m wide; the ship’s maximum load capacity is 61,300 t DWT. The ships destination is Immingham port close to Leeds.

In the UK, wood pellets are used to substitute coal in large power plants, and the 50,000 t shipment of sustainable biofuel will prevent up to 75 000 tonnes of fossil CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Our group’s largest ever wood pellet shipment was 61,778 tons in 2021, transported from Muuga, Estonia, to the UK.

Graanul Invest is the world’s leading producer of biomass and bioenergy. The group operates 12 modern wood pellet plants in the Baltics and the USA and six renewable combined heat and power plants in Estonia and Latvia.

MS Nemea

MS Nemea laoding in Port Arthur, Texas, US