Graanul Invest acquires its second bulk carrier ship

Graanul Invest buys its second freight ship to transport wood pellets. The new vessel significantly reduces both the carbon footprint and cost of transport. The new vessel has been named “Alytus”, by the name of the group’s factory in Lithuania. “Alytus” is the second large bulk carrier in the Graanul Invest fleet, a sister ship of the first vessel “Imavere”.

The 186 m long and 27 m wide ship is built in 2011. The maximum tonnage (DWT) of the vessel is 36 000 t but due to the volume of the wood pellets, it is capable of loading around 31 000 tonnes of environmentally friendly biofuel.

“Alytus” has been entered into the Cyprus Registry of ships. She will be manned by Marlow Navigation, the technical operator is Grona Shipmanagement and the daily operations are managed by Graanul Invest Logistics team.

“Sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint of our products has always been a priority of Graanul Invest,” said Mr. Olari Tiide, Logistics Manager of Graanul Invest. “All our customers want the product’s carbon footprint to be as small as possible at the expense of the energy used in transport and production, and the demand for environmentally friendly biofuels is growing,” added Mr. Tiide.

The optimally sized vessels enable Graanul Invest to organize logistics in the best way and significantly reduce both the transport cost and carbon footprint of the wood pellets. “Investing in a new vessel is a direct benefit for both the environment and the company of the Graanul Invest group,” added Olari Tiide.

Graanul Invest supplies sustainable biofuel for its partners across Europe through several ports in Baltics. The largest markets are Great Brittain, Netherland, and Denmark.

Bulk carrier Alytus

Bulk carrier Alytus