The main sponsor of the year 2021 Junior Road Cycling Team is Graanul Invest

The main sponsor of the year 2021 Junior Road Cycling Team is Graanul Invest
The Estonian Cyclists’ Union entered into a sponsorship agreement with Graanul Invest AS, who will be the main sponsor of the Estonian junior road cycling team as of 2021.

Graanul Invest AS operates in the field of bioenergy and renewable energy production with the goal of contributing to preserving the environment and reducing waste.

‘Graanul Invest is involved in business areas that have set a sight on the future, which is also the reason why we have focused on creating opportunities for and supporting our youth,’ said Raul Kirjanen, Member of the Management Board of Graanul Invest. ‘Cycling has always been appreciated in Estonia and I believe that the sport is gaining popularity and shows great potential. There are a number of amateur cyclists in our group, as well, who hop on the bike whenever they have the chance and are dedicated fans of the sport. This only increases the joy of supporting the junior class road cycling team as their main sponsor,’ Raul Kirjanen said.

‘This year will surely bring great results from Madis Mihkels, who is competing in the junior class for the second season: he was already successful in the previous season and is continuously developing. We will also keep an eye on Frank Aron Raiglo, who has a real chance to compete for winning positions. I see great potential in each of the young men on the list and am looking forward to witnessing their development. The support given by Graanul Invest is necessary to send the junior team to complete in title competitions and prepare them to compete in smaller-scale competitions. This all sets the preconditions for achieving the best shape, getting the best results, and bringing home the shiniest medals,’ explained Alo Jakin, the senior coach for the Estonian junior team.

‘In these complicated times, each sponsorship agreement is valuable for the union and sportsmen. We truly appreciate the Estonian companies who wish to contribute to the next generation of cyclists. There are several bright stars in the junior team who could be the next Pikkuus or Kirsipuu if we supported their development. The accomplishments of Madis Mihkels in the last season make up just one of the many examples,’ said Raivo Rand, President of the Estonian Cyclists’ Union.

Candidates of the team:

Madis Mihkels (University of Tartu Academic Sports Club)
Gregor Kokk (CFC Sports Club)
Kevin Kardo Kõiv (CFC Sports Club)
Rauno Notton (CFC Sports Club)
Egert Johanson (Kalev Cycling School)
Henry Grünberg (Porter Racing)
Frank Aron Ragilo (Kalev Cycling School)
Lauri Tamm (Kalev Cycling School)
Martin Krusemann (Kalev Cycling School)
Romet Pajur (CFC Sports Club)
Aaron Aus (Rein Taaramäe Cycling Club)
Mikk Bauer (Paralepa Cycling Club)