New g Graanul brand for Baltic customers

Graanul Invest is proud to announce the launch of its latest premium pellet brand, g Graanul, tailored specifically for Baltic customers. This locally produced, high-quality product represents a significant milestone for Graanul Invest as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

“We have carefully crafted the name and adopted a vibrant yellow design to establish a more robust presence within our Baltic home markets. With the introduction of this new g Graanul brand, our primary objective is to provide our home markets with an affordable and high-quality renewable energy solution,” stated Jaano Haidla, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Management Board.

“The unveiling of g Graanul follows recent initiatives aimed at enhancing our presence in the Baltic region. In September 2023, we launched a dedicated e-shop for Lithuanian customers, and at the outset of this year, we developed an innovative transport solution for our Latvian e-shop. Creating a distinct Baltic premium pellet brand represents a strategic decision to bolster Baltic energy security and advocate for wider renewable energy use, “said Jaano Haidla.

The Naturkraft-branded wood pellets and 15 kg pellet bags will continue to be sold in all European countries outside Baltics.

g Graanul is available in our Baltic e-shops:

g Graanul