Graanul Invest published 2018 sustainability report

Graanul Invest Group has published 2018 sustainability report that gives overview of developments in group main areas of activity. Group second sustainability report describes economic, social and environmental impact on the surrounding environment.

„For us, resource efficiency, savings at every stage of production and logistics, and especially monitoring of all stages and setting clear metrics is very important. The claim that everything is well with us is no longer sufficient today,“ said Graanul Invest CEO Raul Kirjanen. The information technology tools at our disposal enable us to accurately monitor our activities and results, and then to provide results of that data to the public, added Kirjanen.

„Graanul Invest wishes to be a leader in finding and applying environmentally economic and sustainable solutions,” told CEO Raul Kirjanen.

Looking back at the past year Kirjanen brought out on the positive side that the reforestation has gained good momentum. The year 2018 was extremely successful in this field and with joint effort the goal of a million planted trees was even surpassed.

Find 2018 Sustainability report from here