Graanul Invest designed a park for its cooperation partners in South of Estonia

Graanul Invest planted the first trees for a park dedicated to its cooperation partners in Võru County.

The park of Graanul Invest’s partners is in Võru County, Estonia, next to the group’s Osula Graanul factory, where company planted the first 45 trees on the 15th of May.

The idea to establish a park for its cooperation partners was born in the early autumn of 2019 when the company discussed how to thank and remember their main customers and partners during Christmas. The idea was to find an environmentally friendly solution that would express the sustainability principles of the company and create something that would last. And so the idea was born to create a park for the main partners and supporters of the company – literally a green gift.

Together with Christmas wishes, the company sent a web link to the partners where they could choose the type of tree they liked. Based on the selected trees a plan for the park was prepared, taking into account the possibility to plant more trees for cooperation partners in the future. The project plan will allow the park to be further developed over the years to create a beautiful stopover or picnic area.

As the COVID-19 emergency situation in the country did not allow organising a larger event where the partners could plant their own trees, the management board of Graanul Invest planted the trees itself. The planted trees included silver birches, Swedish whitebeams, common oaks, red oaks, Serbian spruces, and black pines. The trees are 1.5–3 metres tall and each tree received a name tag with the name of the cooperation partner. The project was created by Grete Veskiväli (Punktiir OÜ)